Emailer - Email Marketing FeaturesVMA’s Emailer provides you with everything that you need for your e-mail marketing strategy. You’ll have everything under control with the help of various tools and email marketing features that VMA’s E-mailer could offer at a very affordable price.

VMA’s E-mailer gives you access to the following:

  • E-Mail Design Features – Choose from the many pre-designed professional templates to use for your e-mail campaigns or create your own customise theme using our new Drag & Drop Template Builder and save some time for more important things.
  • E-Mail Campaign Features – Spend less time and effort on worrying about your e-mail campaigns. Take advantage of the features so that a few clicks could free you from doing repetitive work.
  • Autoresponder Features– There is no need for you to worry about sending follow-ups and response e-mails whenever your subscriber does an action for you – our Autoresponder features will handle everything!
  • Advanced Email Marketing Features– With these features, you can now do split tests, view event logs, program triggers and integrate Google calendar to your Emailer.
  • Statistics and Reporting – Take a good look at how your e-mail campaigns are doing. Measurable results that chart everything from open & click through rates, forward-ons, bounced and unsubscribe results.
  • Contact Management Features – Got fed up with subscription lists? No problem, because Emailer will sort out your contact lists so that they will remain clean and free from invalid contact details, and more.
  • Spam Compliance Features – We know that you don’t intend to spam your subscribers, but sometimes, your subscriber may think otherwise. With Emailer’s Spam Compliance features, your e-mail campaigns will operate legally and with adherence to the existing Australian and International spam laws.
  • Surveys and Dynamic Content Blocks – Use the drag & drop editor to easily create a completely customised survey then link to it in your email or autoresponder and send it out to your contact list.

DesignE-mail Design Features

Work with ease and flexibility when it comes to designing your professional e-mails by using the following features:


Upload and import existing design content and e-mail campaigns from the Internet or any other source.

Email Templates


Use our design templates that are proven effective enough to draw in potential clients. Now, you don’t have to worry about potential leads who use popular e-mail clients such as Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail and Microsoft Outlook, the majority of  e-mails you send will surely reach its destination – on time and in most cases, unaltered.


Upload images and take advantage of our unlimited free image hosting. Image sizes could be as much as 600px wide and 1200px deep.


With the WYSIWG Editor, you have the freedom to customize your e-mail campaigns to suit your taste.
Preview your e-mail through pop-up and inbox previews before you send it to your clients.
Use your own existing template by copy-pasting your template to VMA E-mailer.


There’s no need for you to alter each and every e-mail to have them ‘personalised’. With just a couple of clicks, e-mails would be addressed directly to each and every one of your clients.Custom Fields


You may now use anchor links, which would enable you to provide a link that would lead to another section in the same email.

E-mail Campaign Features


Since it’s mandatory (by Australian Law) to provide ‘Unsubscribe’ links in e-mail campaigns, VMA’s Emailer allows you to provide an ‘Unsubscribe’ link for each e-mail you would like to send. While it’s easy to add an ‘unsubscribe’ button, it’s even easier to process unsubscribe requests from clients because everything can be done automatically.

Unsubscribe LinkOptimisation Tips

Learn while working on your e-mail campaigns. Tips, tricks and advice are available to you to make sure that you have optimised your e-mails before sending them. Also, know when it would be best to send e-mails, how to improve subject lines and headings, and more.


All types of bounced e-mails will be automatically handled by VMA’s Emailer. Information regarding the bounced e-mails would also be available for export and viewing.


Uploading, embedding and sending of attachments are fully supported.


VMA’s Emailer could also be programmed for scheduled e-mail sending. You may send your e-mails now or later. You could even pause and resume pending e-mails. It’s entirely up to you.

Builtin Spam Checker


Don’t let your e-mails end up in junk mail/spam folder. Use the free, built-in spam checking feature to identify which keywords are known to be ‘spam keywords’.


Viral marketing also plays an essential part in your campaign, so don’t forget to add a ‘Forward to a Friend’ link to each of your e-mails.


See how your e-mail campaigns would look like in popular e-mail clients such as Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook and etc., with the E-mail and Pop-up Preview Feature.

Inbox Preview of popular mail clients


Create e-mails that are entirely HTML, entirely Text, or both! These e-mail versions will be sent to your subscriber’s inbox, but will only show one version – one that appears the best among all the other two.


Enable CAPTCHA Form Support feature so that automated submissions to your website would be eliminated.

Autoresponder Features


Send your subscribers prompt e-mails through the Autoresponder feature. It even allows you, the user, to send or create multiple Autoresponders for your contact lists. Autoresponder settings can be customized, depending on how you want your Autoresponders to ‘respond’ to your e-mails.



You may opt to assign an Autoresponder for each contact list, or you may choose to send e-mails to selected subscribers within that particular contact list. In other words, you may also use filters instead of separating your contacts among multiple contact lists to better assign Autoresponders.

RSS e-mail archives

Don’t worry, because VMA’s Emailer is programmed to create RSS e-mail archives automatically. Thus, it would be easier for you to view these sent e-mail archives where RSS is supported.


With the Autoresponder Statistics, you can see and evaluate who among your subscribers opened your Autoresponder and their corresponding activities for that particular action.

Autoresponder Statistics

Advanced Email Marketing Feature


Determine which e-mail campaign draws in the most number of leads through the Split Testing feature. Statistics will be based on the ‘open rates’ and the ‘click-thru rates’ of your subscribers.

After you determine the ‘best’ campaign by running a split test to a sample list, you may opt to send the best e-mail to the rest of your list automatically.
Most of the existing e-mail marketing software nowadays has certain limitations on split testing. VMA’s Emailer, on the other hand, offers unlimited variations for every single split test you conduct.Split Test


You may set the event logging feature to manual or automatic. This feature enables the user to view the complete history of actions a certain subscriber had done.

Automatic Event Logging


With the aid of triggers, you may:

  • Send e-mails for recurring dates such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc.
  • Transfer contacts to another list if a certain action is performed by the subscriber (i.e. opening an e-mail)
  • Remove contacts from the lists if a certain action is done
  • Add/remove contacts and/or contact lists if the subscription is due.
  • Triggers


The Google calendar is fully compatible with the VMA’s Emailer. This means that as a user, you may organise your follow-up reminders using the Google calendar.

Manual Event Logging


VMA-Emailer now includes a Drag and Drop Template builder so you can create your own responsive email campaigns so they can be viewed on all devices including mobiles.

Select a theme from the pre-designed list on the left or mix and match to make your own theme.

Changing the colours and layout is simple and user friendly.



Use triggers to let VMA’s Emailer handle follow-up tasks. For instance, you may set Emailer to e-mail contacts automatically when a subscriber clicks on a link.

Google Calendar Integration

Statistics & Reporting


Track Opens

Clicks Throughs
Unsubscribe Summary

With the Statistics and Reporting feature, you may view the following information:

  • Who opened the e-mail campaigns and when they were opened
  • Who clicked on the links within the e-mails and when they were clicked
  • Google Analytics information and tracking
  • Which e-mails were ‘bounced’, why and when
  • Unsubscribe statistics and other related data
  • ‘Forward to a Friend’ Statistics

Google Analytics Link

Contact Management Features

With VMA’s Emailer, we guarantee that your contact lists will be constantly updated and will be free from invalid e-mail addresses and the like, through the following features:

  • Create Custom FieldsAutomatic handling of unsubscribe requests and ‘bounced’ e-mails
  • Add and/or import contacts (Excel, Outlook and CSV files are compatible with VMA’s Emailer)
  • Create website sign-up forms
  • Unlimited contact and information fields
  • Create Segment ListGroup contacts according to lead or type source
  • Double opt-in confirmation that verifies your potential subscribers’ ‘decisions’ to join your mailing list
  • Contacts and subscribers can easily modify their e-mail subscriptions from you
  • Remove multiple contacts from your list. You may opt to remove them permanently from your list or you may just mark them as unsubscribed
  • Group contacts according to attributes such as age, gender, etc.
  • Build a ‘Do not Mail’ list to prevent yourself from emailing them under any circumstances.
  • View and/or sort contacts by details

Spam Compliance Features

Unsubscribe LinkIn compliance with the existing spam laws, unsubscribe links should be provided in every e-mail. Emailer’s One-Click Unsubscribes makes the whole process a lot easier to do. Once again, all the unsubscribe requests will be processed automatically.
Soft and hard bounced e-mails will be handled accordingly. You will also receive details regarding the bounced e-mails. With this feature, your list will surely remain ‘clean’ and will always be up-to-date with the subscribers’ changes and/or preferences.
Double Opt-In EmailsYour company contact details will be added at the end of your e-mail campaigns so that your subscribers will remember who you are and who you are working for. Also, this practice minimises the risk of having your e-mail campaigns being marked as spam.
You can always keep a ‘Do Not Mail’ list so that you would know those who should receive your mails, and who shouldn’t.
Verify if your existing contacts would really want to be a part of your subscribers’ list. Through the VMA’s Emailer, this task should be very easy to handle, since everything can be done in a few clicks.

Now with Surveys & Dynamic Content

Surveys & Feedback Forms!

Here is some of the Newer features over and above what we currently have in this fantastic Email Marketing System.

Surveys and Feedback Forms

Use the drag & drop editor to easily create a completely customised survey then link to it in your email or autoresponder and send it out to your contact list. Responses are collected and can be analysed, viewed and exported to MS Excel for further processing.

Dynamic Content Blocks

Dynamic content blocks allow you to personalise a portion of your newsletter based on custom field values. Dynamic-Content-emailsFor example, if the subscriber’s hobby is racing, you can show a race car and text. If it’s tennis, you can show a tennis ball plus text, etc.