Visual Marketing Australia Pty Ltd, its subsidiaries and VMA Emailer has zero tolerance for spam emailing, which is otherwise known as Unsolicited Broadcast Email (UBE) and Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE). The use of VMA Emailer is subject to the compliance of this website’s Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Anti-Spam Policy. Failure to abide by this Anti-Spam Policy will result to immediate suspension/termination of your VMA Emailer account and appropriate action will be taken in the event of such misconduct.

VMA Emailer is fully compliant to the Australian Spam Act of 2003 and should only be utilised for authorised e-mail management and permission-based practices. In line with the Australian Spam Act of 2003, the following practices are prohibited:

  • Distributing false or misleading information, including but not limited to, false headers, origin of the email sender, inappropriate e-mail subject line and etc.
  • Omitting information about the individual or organisation who authorised the distribution of such e-mail/s
  • E-mail address harvesting
  • Use of rented or purchased 3rd party links and/or unsolicited use of links that belong to other organisations
  • Use of a 3rd party’s Internet domain name without the consent of the said third party
  • Use of VMA Emailer to assist illegal and inappropriate practices, such as the aforementioned activities
  • Distributing of emails to discussion groups

Policy Enforcement

Visual Marketing Australia and its software, VMA Emailer, have integrated procedures, policies and software features to prevent potential spammers from distributing unsolicited emails.

Visual Marketing Australia and VMA Emailer do not utilise any address harvesting software and/or tools, nor addresses that were acquired through such prohibited practices.

The VMA Emailer-generated subscription forms, which are designed to collect information from potential subscribers, are provided with a functional double opt-in feature to verify the consent of that particular subscriber through confirmation emails.

Recipients of e-mails distributed by VMA Emailer will only be shown their respective names and email addresses and no other information will be added (see Privacy Policy).

VMA Emailer features management tools that encourage permission-based emailing through automatic placement of functional unsubscribe links for every email sent out using VMA Emailer. Unsubscribe requests will be processed automatically and the user shall be informed of such request immediately.

VMA Emailer contact lists will be automatically updated in occurrence of a bounced e-mail, a subscription request or an unsubscribe request.

Visual Marketing Australia reserves the right to screen unusual activities using the VMA Emailer. Such activities include but are not limited to excessive use of the system, uploading of contact lists that contain more than 10,000 email addresses and etc.

Visual Marketing Australia Pty Ltd and VMA Emailer reserves the right to monitor the user’s imported  lists, the content of the distributed e-mails and other pertinent data in the occurrence of a spam complaint. By such event, Visual Marketing Australia Pty Ltd reserves the right to request and verify if the user’s lists and distributed e-mails are 100% permitted. In addition, the user’s account privileges will be put under temporary suspension.

If the user has indeed violated the policies stated herein, the account will be terminated and the appropriate legal actions will be taken.

Spam Complaints

Visual Marketing Australia Pty Ltd has zero tolerance for spam emailing, which is why means for reporting such practices are available in the website.

If you think that you were sent spam emails using VMA Emailer, please send us your complaint, along with your name, e-mail address and a copy of the complete spam email you received to We highly encourage you to send other information that you deem necessary for the investigation. Please be informed that Visual Marketing Australia Pty Ltd reserves the right not to investigate spam complaints that were sent anonymously.

The Spam Act can be found here